A group photo of a young people standing
Monika Farrell
Founder of Kiddi First Aid
First Aid Instructor

Monika Farrell is the Founder of Kiddi First Aid, which has become a fruit of her true passion for saving lives and for first aid itself!

She was an active Member of the Red Cross for 15 years. Monika was involved in an Outdoor Rescue Team where she had the opportunity to perfect her skills not only in everyday situations for all age groups, but also in outdoor environments such as Mountaineering First Aid, Cave First Aid and Scuba First Aid.


Now a mum herself, she wishes for nothing more than to give a chance of life for those in their moment of need.

Being on the journey of motherhood has shown her how precious life is, and at the same time she realised the importance of support with regards to first aid workshops for parents, guardians, parents-to-be, grandparents, babysitters and all family members.


This has inspired her to create family-friendly courses aimed at spreading first aid skills which can help save your loved ones. We would be delighted to invite you to our Kiddi First Aid courses!